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Whole Grain Lavash Chicken Flatbread Wraps – 7 ingredients 

Today I did 28 minutes of abs & ran 1 mile. I wasn’t going to run that mile because you shouldn’t do cardio & resistance during the same workout session. Do it separately (morning cardio, night resistance) to maximize results.

Anyways, here’s my dinner! I was just looking around my house to find ingredients I can put into a wrap and this is what I found. It’s super simple with only 7 ingredients. I love recipes with less ingredients. It’s easier & doesn’t take long to make!

Ingredients (Makes 1 wrap)
Olive Oil (to cook the chicken)
Whole Grain Lavash Flatbread Wrap
4 oz chicken seasoned (about the size of your fist/a deck of cards)
1/2 of an avocado
2 tbsp Hummus
2 cups uncooked spinach
Salt & pepper (to season the chicken)

You can also substitute ingredients in and out! Change the meat if you want. Change it to ground turkey or pork loin. Add more vegetables, or add grilled onions in it. If you don’t like avocado or hummus, use another spread like low calorie bbq sauce. Make sure it’s a healthy spread though & use only 2 tbsp. Don’t drown the wrap in sauce! Many spreads contain very high calories. Mayonnaise has about 200 calories in 2 tbsp, which is more calories than the flatbread itself! Just have fun with changing ingredients, with moderate portions 🙂

1. Cut up your raw chicken, lightly seasoning it with salt & pepper
2. Add 1 tbsp olive oil to the pan
3. Add the chicken onto the pan, adding more salt & pepper to taste
4. When your chicken is done cooking, take it out and put it in a clean bowl or plate
5. Lay open your flatbread and add spinach, chicken & avocado to the center bottom of the wrap (yes, I made like 12 oz of chicken, for my lunch tomorrow too!)
6. Leave space for the 2 tbsp hummus which goes at the very bottom (see picture)

7. Roll it up slowly!

8. Cut it in half, ta da! There you go. An easy & healthy wrap with only 7 ingredients. Oops, I ripped it 🙁

9. So delicious! I only ate half and was full. I have a daily recommended intake of around 2000 calories a day with my high activity level, but it still kept me full. I eat a lot too. How perfect! Healthy fats, high fiber, protein for post-workout muscles & carbohydrates to help replenish my muscle glycogen (energy). 

Nutrition Facts Per Serving
Serves: 1
Serving Size: 1 wrap
Calories: 459
Fat: 20 grams (don’t worry, it’s healthy fats. It’s essential!)
Carbs: 37 grams
Dietary Fiber: 8 grams
Protein: 34 grams

You can use a whole wheat tortilla or whole wheat pita bread too! Depends on what texture you like best. I really love pita bread, so I’ll be wrapping it with that next time.

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