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What’s in my grocery cart?

I’m starting my first day of spring quarter tomorrow so I planned out all my meals for the week. Which means, today was grocery day! I made a list of all the foods & only bought those foods at the grocery store. That meant no picking up random cookies, snacks and chips because I already planned out my meals & snacks!! No excuses.


Let’s start with my Trader Joe’s food. I love Trader Joes. It’s basically my backyard (2 minute walk from my house)
Superfood Pilaf: I get really lazy when I get home from school. This frozen food is easy to make by just heating it up in a pan! It contains minimal ingredients & has your vegetables + grains too! It has tricolor quinoa with sweet potato, carrots and kale. Also has high fiber, because I love high fiber.
Middle Eastern Whole Wheat Flatbread: So much better than tortillas in my opinion. I can make my chicken or turkey wrap. Or gyros! I can wrap it with anything when I don’t have much time to make lunch.
Whole Wheat Bread: Because bread is essential to have in every home at all time. For sandwiches or a toast as snack/breakfast.


Chia Seeds: This means more Chia Seed pudding is going to be made! I’m still trying out different recipes. A bag is $4.99 but it lasts a while!
Hemp Seeds: This is my first time buying them, I hope they’re good. I plan to make some granola bars from scratch with them. I can also blend them in smoothies or sprinkle it on top of my oats or chia pudding.


Spinach: I love spinach. I’m also making spring rolls tonight and I prefer lettuce in them over lettuce!
Bell Peppers: Tricolor, woo! They ran out of the mini baby ones but it’s okay. I usually cook bell peppers with my chicken.
Edamame: Can I say these are such a great snack that keeps me full long? It’s a perfect post workout snack. I put it in boiling water for 5 minutes, sprinkle it with salt & it’s ready!


My two main sources of meat are turkey & chicken.
Turkey: I usually get ground turkey because I cook it with other foods such as tofu, vegetables. I always have ground turkey with my pasta sauce. I’m going to need to look up and play around with some turkey meat recipes.
Chicken Breast: Yum. Going to use some of this for my spring rolls tonight! I usually stir fry my chicken with vegetables or noodles.
Shrimp: Not pictured… because my dad cooked them before I can take a picture. But they’re going to be used for spring rolls tonight! So excited.


Mejool Dates: I’m going to make some 3 ingredient peanut butter bars soon and it uses dates instead of processed sugars.
Strawberries: For my chia seed pudding toppings, smoothies & snack.
Pineapples: Have you had pineapples in your spring rolls before? No? Go try it. I’m going to add them into my spring rolls tonight. Also, they’re a perfect addition to a smoothie & a snack as well.


Autumn Wheat Cereal: 29 pieces is 180 calories. 6g of sugar, 5g of fiber, 1 g of fat. I’ll say not bad. There is healthier cereal, but I like the taste of these. Not many people like this because of the “cardboard” taste. It’s very very wheaty & dry. I like it though!
Avocados: Avocado. Avocado. I love avocado. I put it on my toast, in my sandwiches, in my wraps. They’re so healthy and good. I need to make sure I don’t eat too much though. Even though they’re high in healthy fats, it’s easy to over-consume.


Done with my Trader Joes grocery list!
Today, I went to get an acai bowl at Elements Natural Foods in West Covina. Let me say… it was delicious. I ate the whole thing after lunch too. I would say it had around 600 calories? Dang, 3 hours later and I’m still full. It’s a pretty decent sized store that sells organic produce, organic foods, skin care items, salads, acai bowls, etc! I love that place now.

I had a Power Bowl. Which was a blend of Acai, banana, strawberry, protein powder, peanut butter and almond milk. The toppings were banana, hemp seeds, granola and honey. That’s lot of ingredients… and I ate it all. The cup was almost as big as a regular yogurtland cup x2. So addicting though… can I go back?

I bought 3 items there!
Spring Roll Wrapper: For tonights spring rolls. I’m also saving some for the future, I’ll be trying different variations of spring rolls. Also, does anyone know any sauce recipes for a spring roll dipping sauce? Preferably not spicy or with peanuts? I like fish sauce the best.
Organic Cha Soba (green tea noodles): Going to make some stir fry noodles for lunch or dinner sometime this week. I’ve never tried this, but I’m excited to try this out!


Saved the best for last.
Pure Acai Puree: I’M GOING TO MAKE ACAI BOWLS AT HOME. It was only $5.99 for this pack, which has 4 pouches. I can make 4 bowls here. I’m so excited, I just hope I don’t mess up.


Here’s all my food!


I don’t like to buy too many foods at once, because they might go bad before I can eat it all. My family eats somewhat differently than me. My brother eats fried chicken, fried tofu, white rice, and not really anything I eat. Basically, not as healthy as me, haha! My mom is too busy at work all the time, so whenever I cook it’s usually just for myself. Anyways, I have my meals planned out so I’ll be able to use all the ingredients that can’t be stored long within a week.

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