How do I workout?

I use to go to the gym & spend an hour on the elliptical/run until I burned 200-350 calories. After, I went to the weight room or used machines for another 30 minutes. I would spend like….1 1/2 hours at the gym?? That excludes stretching too, so basically 2 hours if I included stretching & cool down. NOBODY HAS TIME FOR THAT every single day. It took up so much of my time & stressed me out.

Then….. I found Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. DANG, it has changed my life for the better. It has made my workouts so efficient but SO effective. There’s 3 different types of workouts. LISS, HITT & Plyometrics (resistance). LISS takes 35-45 minutes, HITT takes 10-15 minutes and resistance only takes 30 minutes! I’m in and out of the gym in less than an hour every time. Sometimes I do my resistance at home because I have a yoga mat & dumbells!

The past 7 weeks, I’ve been to the gym 6 days a week w/ 1 rest day. That’s the most committed I’ve EVER been. It’s all because of the short amount of time required for the BBG workouts! AND I’ve felt & seen results in the past 7 weeks more than I have the 6 months before this. I want the results to come faster, but I keep telling myself it’s okay because everyones body is different. I don’t want to compare myself to others. I don’t weigh myself anymore. However, I weighed myself twice the past week and I actually lost 7 pounds from when I started. My goal isn’t to lose weight big time, I just want to lose my stomach fat & then tone up my whole body :’) abssss

So, yes. These workouts work. They are such a challenge, and you NEED to work your butt off. Haha, they will leave you sore but they’re SO fun & rewarding after.

Before starting this workout plan… I was very hesitant. I’m against those diet pills, cleanses and workouts that claim to make you lose “15 pounds in 1 month”. I did a lot of research into the bikini body guide, and it’s amazing! The only thing I needed to do is eat clean & stay committed. However, I didn’t know if it would work for me like it did for other girls or if I could stay committed. BUT I was committed, and I stuck through it these past 7 weeks. AND I’m still going strong!


LISS stands for Low Intensity Steady State. I do these workouts 2-3 times a week. The main goal for this workout is to workout at a low intensity, which still causes you to sweat. I power walk at 3.7-3.9 mph at a incline ranging from 2.0-6.0. I took a kinesiology class last quarter (because I’m minoring in Physiology now) and learned that FAT is best burned at 60-70% maximum exercise intensity. If you’re constantly running, you’re tapping into your glycogen stores & not your fat stores because you’re depleting yourself of oxygen. The benefits of LISS workouts is that more oxygen is available to your body, which requires your body to use fat to power you through your workouts. Oxygen is available to your body when you aren’t breathing hard, helping you burn fat more effectively!

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. I do this workout 1-2 times a week. I run as fast as I can for 30 seconds, and then do low intensity cardio for 30 seconds. I do this for 15 minutes. I usually run at 9.0 mph at an incline of 4.0. As I build up my endurance, I’ll be increasing the speed & incline as well. This short 15 minute workout… it makes me sweat so much. SO EFFICIENT. The awesome thing about HIIT workouts is that I can finish in 15 minutes and I continue to burn fat even after my workout.

Plyometrics is a method used for BBG workouts. It’s jump training, increasing explosiveness and increasing muscle mass. This is used by many athletes! I love plyometrics because I get to use my own body weight. This is some very high intensity training. Plyometrics burns a high amount of fat if you push yourself and workout at your maximal intensity. Feel that burn but still don’t stop! The resistance exercises are broken into 2 circuits which contain 4 exercises each. Each circuit is 7 minutes long & repeated twice, for a total of 28 minutes. There is 30-60 seconds rest in between but when you’re super tired it feels like 5 😛 Basically, it’s 7 minutes of Circuit 1, 30 seconds break, 7 minutes of Circuit 2, 30 seconds break, 7 minutes of Circuit 1, 30 seconds break, 7 minutes of Circuit 2. THEN DONE. I always feel like a warrior after finishing my resistance days.

Here’s a typical workout week for me:
Sunday: LISS & Rehab (35-45 minutes)
Monday: Resistance (28 minutes)
Tuesday: HIIT (15 minutes)
Wednesday: Rest day! I stretch & foam roll
Thursday: Resistance (28 minutes)
Friday: LISS & Rehab (35-45 minutes)
Saturday: Resistance (28 minutes)

Also, I eat around 2000-2200 calories a day.

It’s SOOO important to stretch after every workout session. AND have a rehabilitation session 1-2 times a week. These workouts are very high intensity. Stretching and foam rolling after every workout will help prevent injuries!

Anyways, I’m finished week 7 of BBG 1.0 this week! It’s like a game to me. Like I’m conquering different levels of workouts. I’m not going to be defeated (except that I can’t do those raised tricep drips or pushups YET).

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