Sqirl & Little Tokyo

After conquering a long, hectic & crazy 3rd year in college, I’m finally on summer vacation for a week before I start summer school. Summer school will only be twice a week & I’m taking it with my boyfriend Brandon, so that would be a lot more enjoyable!

After a long 3 months of wanting to try this place I was able to get brunch with two of my best friends from high school. I miss them so much! I’ve heard good things about this place, Sqirl in Los Angeles. It’s not in Central or Downtown LA. It’s more of East LA, so the area is less packed. It’s not too far of a drive from all the other more popular food places though.

We came here on a Monday for brunch. A late brunch. We got there around 1:30 and didn’t eat till ~2:30. There was a wait out the door but because the restaurant had limited seating inside. There was a small outdoor area which had tables for 2 so we had to bring two tables together! All 3 of us ordered different dishes so we got a taste of each.

Here are the 3 dishes! Yum, doesn’t it look delicious? Decently healthy too. They have many other foods such as brioche toasts & pastries as well!
Sqirl overall gets a 8.5/10 for taste. 6/10 health for overall menu (individual rating depends on what dish you get).


1. Sorrel Pesto Bowl – $7.75 – vegetarian & gluten free 
This has Kokuko Rose brown rice, sorrel pesto (nut free), preserved meyer lemon, lacto-fermented hot sauce, french sheep feta & a poached egg.

They used brown rice, which has more nutrients than using regular white rice. This is why I give this dish an extra point. The pesto doesn’t have cheese because it’s a vegetarian dish. I asked and it’s mainly olive oil based. Healthy! The lemon taste is very strong. If you don’t like lemon, don’t get this dish. I took out the hot sauce & cheese. I can’t stand spicy foods sadly and I don’t like feta cheese. The cheese is made out of sheep milk, so it is vegetarian! It’s topped with a poached egg & two pieces of sliced radish. I also added a side of kale for an extra $2.

Overall, this dish does have a strong lemon taste which was interesting but delicious. If you eat a small bite of the poached egg with each scoop of pesto rice, it tastes better than eating the rice alone! The kale wasn’t sautéed or anything, just raw but very fresh. This dish gets a 8/10 for taste. They didn’t include vegetables but only rice & an egg, so it gets a 7.5/10 for health. It’s one of their most popular ordered foods at Sqirl.


2. Crispy Rice Salad – $11 – gluten free 
I didn’t order this, but Teresa did! It includes scallion, mint, cilantro, cucumber, ginger, a poached egg & house sausage. This dish is actual crispy rice. It’s not the kind of crispy rice that sticks to your teeth with every bite. They either pan fried it very well or deep fried it since it’s so perfectly fried. This did not have pesto but it did have the lemon taste. It’s similar to the pesto rice bowl but without pesto & the rice is crispy. Taste gets a 7.5/10. 5/10 on Winnie’s Health Score haha. This is because the crispiness of the rice probably required lots of oil for frying & the sausage isn’t lean.

I would recommend this dish for trying though if you enjoy crispy foods because it is really good! IMG_0385

3. Green Goddess Salad – $10 – vegetarian & gluten free 
Ashley ordered this! It includes market greens, chicories, shaved root vegetables, avocado & a soft egg. I was going to order this but I decided on rice because I like rice especially if it’s brown. The egg is a soft egg & not poached. I’m sure it would’ve been better if it was poached! The dressing is light, not too heavy or strong tasting. This is a delicious salad & they gave generous portions especially with the avocado!

8.5/10 for taste. 9/10 for health.

Ashley standing up to take a picture. Me taking more pictures. Teresa wanting to eat already. IMG_0387

My beautiful friends that I miss lots! Leaving me to go to Long Beach & Irvine next year. IMG_5921

We were about to start eating until we realized the picture would look better with the poached eggs broken. So.. another food photoshoot before we began eating!

Eating with girls who take pictures of everything must be annoying. Sorry to guys who need to deal with that. It’s like a necessity. Girl’s like documentation by taking pictures & snapchatting everything.  IMG_0396

Trying to find cute backgrounds and walls around the Sqirl neighborhood to take nice pictures & derping while we’re at it.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Then we wanted to get some dessert or a drink! Teresa recommended a place called Four Leaves across from Little Tokyo town, good choice. We got our drinks which was delicious. That place is highly recommended!

We decided to walk around Little Tokyo & stopped by Cafe Dulce. I resisted… I wanted a Cinnamon French Toast donut so bad… or a Fruity Pebbles Donut Hole. I had 2 large donuts from Donut Friend 2 days ago so I couldn’t. The struggles of eating healthy & being a foodie.


Doesn’t it look delicious?? IMG_0413

Selfie with the donuts. IMG_0415

We asked a guy who owned a DSLR to take this picture for us so maybe that’s why it turned out decent. IMG_5920

I need more days like this. Eating good food, good company & exploring new places. To more brunch & LA adventures!

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