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Plate Size


Plate size is an important thing to consider when:

1. You’re trying to eat smaller portions
2. You’re learning how to portion size

I have 3 plates & 1 bowl I always use at home for all my meals. My examples here all use one circular plate I bought from Daiso for only $1.50 a while back. It measures to around a diameter of 8 inches.

1. When you’re trying to eat smaller portions, plate size is super important!! When you use a big plate, you’ll have the tendency to fill up your entire plate causing you to eat more. Using smaller serving plates will help you see the amount of your food you will be eating more accurately. For example, after using the same plate over and over again, I know how the amount of food should look on my plate to get me perfectly full. This will prevent me from overeating or eating too little at each meal.

2. Portion sizing. We are all required a specific number of servings from each food group everyday according to your recommended caloric intake. When you use a big plate, the one serving size will appear to be a lot smaller. The plate I have here fits about 1 serving of grains, 2 servings of vegetables & 1-2 servings of protein per meal without overfilling. A bigger plate may fit 2 servings of grains, 3 servings of vegetables and 3 servings of protein. That’s too much for me at one meal! If you use the same plate at every meal, eventually you’ll adjust to how 1/2 cup or 1 cup of food looks like.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t eat off of a big plate but plate size does have an impact on the amount of food you eat. In restaurants, food tends to be served in large serving plates, which is why you get a lot more full. When you put the food you want to eat on a separate plate & only eat from the plate, you’re able to portion size your foods more accurately. Also, self control haha, which I have trouble with at times!

If watching the portions of food you eat is important to you, then plate size is something to consider 🙂




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