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My Top 11 Clean, Whole & Nutritious Food Products

Sorry for being so MIA recently. I just take pictures on my phone for Instagram and not for my blog because it takes too much time. I’m planning on posting more often and sharing more recipes with you all! Here’s a short post though 🙂

There’s a lot of food products that I think are great, but I’m going to share the top 11. I was going to do 10, but I wanted to add one more without removing one. I wrote a post a while back on 30 of my favorite food products. Today, I’m about to update this list and make it smaller.

These 11 foods are all very clean, healthy & nutritious foods. Highly recommended by me & part of daily/weekly food intakes!

1. New Barn Unsweetened Almond Milk – Whole Foods 

It’s SO difficult to find almond milk without all the unnecessary added ingredients such as Vitamin A Palmitate or Carrageenan. Califia Farms almond milk has Carrageenan. Trader Joes almond milk has Vitamin A Palmitate. This milk is made of less than 5 ingredients and contains has 4 times as many almonds as other milk. It does not have that large list of added preservatives and chemicals. It tastes a bit different without the added preservatives but it’s much more nutritious and clean! 80 calories per serving (one 8 oz cup).


2. Kelp Noodles – Whole Foods 

I first tried this at a cafe in LA called Cafe Gratitude. Yesterday, I found it at Whole Foods & I was SO surprised that it had 6 calories per serving. ?!?! What. It’s low in carbs so that’s why! It’s a noodle that is made from raw seaweed. There was also a green tea flavored one but I’ll try that one next time! You can put it in your salads, bowls or even stir fry it. It tastes like a regular clear vermicelli noodle too! So delicious and definitely recommended. 6 calories per serving.


3. Ezekiel Bread – Trader Joes, Whole Foods 

This bread stays on my list for my goto food products. The texture & thickness of the bread keeps me a fan. Every morning, I have 2 Ezekiel toasts with almond butter & banana and another one with yogurt with kiwi or some other fruit. So delicious & it literally gets me up in the morning knowing I’ll have this for breakfast! I literally wake up with breakfast as my motivation. No lie. The regular & cinnamon raisin ones are my favorite. I haven’t tried sesame before but it doesn’t really appeal to me. I’ve tried the low sodium ones & it’s a bit sappy and weird to me. I don’t have an excess of salt anyways so I stick with the regular kind! 80 calories per serving (per slice).


4. Tricolor Quinoa – Trader Joes 

You can get this anywhere. I’ve gotten it from Whole Foods but I bought quinoa for the first time at Trader Joes so I stick to theirs! It’s so easy to cook. I make it in a rice cooker! I just wash it, throw it in the rice cooker and it’s ready in 30 minutes! I’m lazy to cook it on a stovetop since a rice cooker doesn’t require supervision. I have this with a side of protein and veggies or I throw it into my salads for a boost of protein and carbs after workouts. 160 calories per serving (1/4 cup dry).


5. Ezekiel Flax Granola 

I have this with my almond milk or use it as a topping for my yogurt, overnight oats or chia pudding. Usually I mix it with the Purely Elizabeth granola so it has a hint of sweetness. It doesn’t have added sugars. Also, great amount of protein per serving! 160 calories per serving (1/4 cup).


6. Purely Elizabeth Blueberry Granola 

I also have this with my almond milk or I use it as a topping for my yogurt, overnight oats or chia pudding. I love how this doesn’t have added “bad” sugars. It’s made with coconut sugar (Low GI index) and coconut oil! More nutritious than other granola that’s jam-packed with a bunch of other added sweeteners. There’s even bits of dried blueberries in this as well! There’s always a pumpkin fig flavor granola I have yet to try. 130 calories per serving (1/3 cup).


7. Dry Roasted Edamame – Fresh & Easy 

There is a DIFFERENCE between ROASTED & DRY ROASTED. When nuts or snacks are dry roasted it means that heat is applied to dried food without the use of oil or water. If you look at the ingredient label, there should be no oil for it to be dry roasted. When nuts are roasted, it will include vegetable oil. Why add more oil to nuts or snacks when the majority of calories are from fat?! It’s not necessary. This snack only has edamame & a bit of added salt for flavor! It’s prepackaged so it helps with portion sizing and are a perfect size to store in your purse or backpack. 100 calories per serving.


8. Dry Roasted Edamame w/ Goji Blend – Whole Foods 

When I first tried the dry roasted edamame from Fresh & Easy the other day, I wanted to find more varieties at other grocery stores! Winner, Whole Foods! It was on sale for $2 a bag too. These are dry roasted edamame beans with goji berries! Goji berries have antioxidant properties & edamame is a great source of protein. It has 22 grams of protein in this one small package. This is a great mid-day snack when I get hungry at work or school. Only 3 ingredients. So clean. You can tell I really emphasize a shorter & clean ingredient list 🙂 120 calories per serving.


9. Two Moms in the Raw Bars – Whole Foods 

So many nut bars have soy lecithin, preservatives and a BUNCH of different forms of hidden sugars. Finding a healthy granola bar has been so difficult. I found these raw bars at Whole Foods and when I read the ingredient list I had to try it! It’s made of only nuts, spices, agave and salt. They do tend to be on the pricier end for $3.99 per bar but I prefer this nut bar over KIND bars or any other nut bars I’ve tried. There’s gojiberry, goldenberry, cranberry & blueberry burst flavors. 130 calories per serving.


10. Peanut Butter Larabar – Trader Joes, Whole Foods 

I’ve tried probably around 10  flavors of Larabars. I like chocolate or nut flavors over the fruity ones. This bar is ONLY made of 3 ingredients: Dates, Peanuts and Sea Salt. That’s so clean! 220 calories per serving.


11. Kodiak Cakes  – Target 

I’ve heard so much hype about this pancake and waffle mix so I had to give this a try. I went to Target JUST to buy this the other day. I read the ingredients and it’s clean! It’s safe, haha! I see where the protein comes from and it’s from the whey protein & egg whites. The awesome thing about this mix is you only need to add water, or milk if desired. You don’t need to add a bunch of other ingredients which can be a hassle. Simple, easy & you got your protein fix. Gains. More protein, more gains. 190 calories per serving.


4 thoughts on “My Top 11 Clean, Whole & Nutritious Food Products

    1. No I do not. I use to calorie count with fitnesspal and created too much restriction on myself. Now I just eat as clean as I can with some nice treat foods once in a while! I felt it has helped me the best when I do not obsess over the calories I intake.

    1. I usually eat them as a snack! Usually as a mid day snack when a sugar craving hits between my lunch and dinner. Sometimes I put it on top of my yogurt or even after dinner as a dessert 🙂

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