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Matcha Green Tea Waffles

I’ve been busy with school & work so I don’t have much time to make my meals pretty on a plate. I meal prep my foods in bulk and keep them in containers in my fridge for days to reheat on the go. The only decent looking meal I have now is breakfast haha! Anyways, I recently bought a waffle maker at Best Buy & I used it for the first time today 🙂

I made Matcha Waffles with Kodiak Cakes mix. Kodiak cakes mix is AMAZING. I’m unwilling to eat another other pancake or waffle mix now haha! They’re packed with protein and clean ingredients. You just mix it with equal amounts of water and that’s it. YES, THAT’S IT. And it tastes great! You can add fruits into the mix, or match green tea powder like I did today 🙂 Which I will share with you in this post.

-Kodiak Protein Packed Mix
-Matcha Green Tea Powder
-Your favorite toppings (maple syrup, peanut butter, fruits, coconut shavings, sliced almonds, cacao nibs)






1. Mix 1/2 cup Kodiak waffle mix with 1/2 cup water & mix throughly.
2. Add in 1 small scoop of matcha green tea powder & continue to mix throughly until completely combined (Batter should be light green)
3. Heat up your waffle maker & pour in the batter. Depending on your waffle maker, it will be ready when the light turns on!
4. Take it out when ready & top with your favorite toppings!

Next time I’m planning to make blueberry waffles or banana nut waffles! It’s so simple and easy to make waffles especially with kodiak cake mix 🙂 It’s a great post workout breakfast!

Nutrition Facts:
Without Toppings (Just the waffles)
Calories: 190 calories
Fat: 2 grams
Carbs: 30 grams
Dietary Fiber: 5 grams
Protein: 14 grams

With Toppings (peanut butter, banana, strawberries, coconut shavings) 
Calories: 376 calories
Fat: 10 grams
Carbs: 54 grams
Dietary Fiber: 9 grams
Protein: 19 grams

2 thoughts on “Matcha Green Tea Waffles

  1. Hehe good minds think alike – I made matcha pancakes this morning! I’m thinking I need to invest in a waffle maker though, these look gorgeous! And not terribly unhealthy either!

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