Current Workout Routine

Here is my updated workout routine. It’s been changing around a lot recently because I’m trying to see what works best for my body and what challenges me the most. I’m trying to prevent plateau and it’s fun to change things up once in a while!

When I first started BBG in March 2015, I did 3 resistance & 2-3 LISS/HIIT per week. I worked out 5-6x a week with 1 full rest day. Now (58 weeks later), I do 3 resistance, 1-2 lifting sessions, 2-3 LISS/HIIT/Cycling per week. I still workout 5-6x a week. I foam roll & stretch lots because DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) hits hard at times. After leg days, I can be sore for up to 3-4 days…. it’s hard! I can push myself so much harder mentally now. My gym sessions use to be 30 minutes, but now it can be up to 1 1/2 hours because I’ve built up strong endurance!

Working out is second nature to me. I wake up every morning at 6-7am to get my workout in for the day. A good workout in the morning wakes me up (even when I’m super lazy and just want to stay in bed). It helps me feel productive for the rest of the day. I’ve had to test around the max amount of exercise I can tolerate before I overwork myself leading to fatigue. It’s normal to be sweating and tired while exercising because it shows you’re pushing yourself to your threshold which has benefits in the long run. However, too much working out can cause a decline in your physical activity level because exercise causes elevated levels of cortisol which is a stress hormone. Too much release of this hormone will cause negative effects on your body and even slow down progress/cause plateau.

Overall, just the right amount of exercise for you has many cardiovascular benefits. In the long run, it will lower your resting heart rate putting less work on your heart. Less work on your heart decreases risk of Cardiovascular Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, etc. This also means less stress on your body. Less stress = better sleep, less sugar/carb cravings, better moods & improved energy levels. You need to determine how much exercise your body can handle. Everyone is different. Everyone starts somewhere different so you definitely can build up your fitness level. Slow and steady is the way to go!

I have seen all this play out in my life and I thank God for bringing out the passion of fitness in me. It’s taught me to love who He has created me to be and to enjoy the pleasures He has given me. I’ve learned so much more about myself & fitness in the past year than I ever have.


I always workout with my JayBird Sport Headphones. I love them because it’s Bluetooth wireless so it links with my phone. I don’t need to worry about the wires getting all over the place when I’m jumping around (ahem, leg day).

The “/” means OR. It doesn’t mean I do it all!

Monday: Legs, Extra Abs
Tuesday: LISS
Wednesday: Arms, Lifting, Extra Abs
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: Abs, LISS/HIIT
Saturday: FullBody/Cycling/LISS/ExtraLifting (Depends on what I feel)
Sunday: LISS/Rest Day, Meal Prep

Mondays: Legs

Before I begin working out my legs, I do a 8-10 minute warm up with several different moves. I do each move for 1 minute.

Here is an example:
1:00 Mountain Climbers
1:00 Plank
1:00 Split Jumps
1:00 Unweighted Walking Lunges
1:00 Unweighted Squats
Repeat 2x = 10 minutes total

I’ve been using ankle weights that are 2 lbs per ankle and I’m loving it! It challenges me and makes the workout more time efficient!

For legs, I do a 28 minute BBG Circuit. There are 2 circuits and I do each one for 7 minutes, take a 30-45 second rest and then go to the next circuit. Each circuit has 4 moves.

After, I’ll add in an extra 10-15 minute ab workout.

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Tuesday: LISS/HIIT

This is after Leg day so depending on how sore I am… I can switch this with Thursday and make Tuesdays one of my rest days for the week. If I’m okay, I will do LISS/HIIT or even a combo of both on Tuesdays. If I do both, I only do LISS for 35 minutes and HIIT for 10 minutes. For LISS, 95% of the time I am on the stairs with my HR around 120-130. Other times, I will be on the treadmill fast-walking and keeping my heart rate in the same range. This is typically 3-3.5 mph at 13-15 incline. LISS focuses on burning calories from fat since it requires oxygen. HIIT is great because it helps burn calories even AFTER you finish your exercise session.

LISS: Typically 35-45 minutes. Heart rate is 120-130.
HIIT: Typically 10-15 minutes. 30 minutes on treadmill, 30 seconds off. HR usually reaches around 180-190 max.


Wednesday: Arms, Lifting, Extra Abs 

I warm up arms by doing the same thing I do for leg day. It gets my blood flowing before I go all out for the circuits. It’s not good to start at a resting heart rate and randomly push yourself to your max out of nowhere. It creates stress on the heart. Warming up helps prevent injuries as well during your intense exercises! BBG Arms is 28 minutes as well. After, I go into the weight room and so isolation on arm muscle groups for about 20 minutes. Then I finish off with a 10-15 minute ab workout.


Thursday: Rest Day 

Like I said on Tuesday, this is my designated rest day unless I’m super sore from Legs on Monday . Then I’ll change my Tuesday workout to today. On my rest day, I won’t do any exercise. I’ll still walk around and do my daily chores but nothing else. I make sure I foam roll and stretch as well. I usually do it for 20-45 minutes depending on how much I think my muscles need it. It seriously helps!


Friday: Abs, LISS/HIIT

I usually warm up abs with a 5 minute walk on the treadmill before I go straight into my abs circuit. I do 28 minutes circuit style again. After, I’ll always add in some LISS or if I’m short on time I will do some HIIT or run a little on the treadmill.

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Saturday: Full Body/Cycling/LISS/Hiking/Extra Lifting 

I usually Soul Cycle, go hiking, LISS/Full Body at my gym or add in an extra weight lifting session. Sometimes I’ll add in a small ab workout as well. I like to get all my harder workouts in during the weekdays so my weekends are more chill 🙂

What I decide on do on this day depends on how tired I am and how much I feel like I worked myself during the week.


Sunday: LISS/Rest Day, Meal Prep

Also known as make a new recipe day! If it’s a rest day, I give myself time to sleep in a bit until 7:30 or 8 am. Then I wake up and make breakfast before I head to church! I didn’t set a day to make new recipes until recently and I like it a lot! I always eat the same foods, so this is the day I get to test things out. 

I also make sure I stretch and foam roll more if I need it. This day I do most of my meal prep, grocery shopping and plan my entire week. I plan my workouts, when I will study & work schedule as well. I prepare myself well as I start another week! 🙂 


This is what I made last Sunday morning! Check out my last post to get the recipe 🙂 It’s gluten free, healthy & has minimal ingredients. An easy recipe you need to try out!


Well, that’s how my workout weeks are like! It can change from time to time but this is what I usually plan it to be like. I like to be prepared and organized because I find myself to be most efficient and less stressed that way.

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