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I haven’t had the time to write about my very first menu tasting I did at Multiply in DTLA last month. I was able to bring a plus one so I brought my friend Ashley. It’s now time to sit down & share my experiences 🙂

First of all, they opened in 2016 so they are fairly new. They specialize in cocktails, wine, beer, bar food and live music during the night. They’re opened everyday 11am-2 am and closed on Tuesdays.

Next, the FOOD. AKA the most important part!! 🙂

Here’s a breakdown of what I got to try!
1. Green Cocktail
2. Brown Cocktail
3. Chicken Wings (3 flavors)
4. Onion Rings
5. Hand Cut French Fries w/ Miso Mustard
6. Birdie’s Fried Chicken Slider
7. Flat Iron Steak Slider
8. Tempura Tofu Slider
9. Pork Belly Slider

1. Green Cocktail. It’s appletons white rum, matcha green tea syrup, cucumber, mint lime, bubbles. My friend Ashley got this drink. I really like the addition of mint on top. It’s pretty! I took two sips. The matcha taste is light. It’s a great twist to a cocktail for those matcha lovers.

2. Brown Cocktail. It’s Jameson caskmates, cold brew, vanilla syrup, condensed milk, cinnamon sugar. I ordered this drink because I love coffee 😛 The cold brew taste is definitely apparent. So to you coffee lovers, this is the drink for you. I can’t really taste the condensed milk but as long as there’s a coffee taste, I’m good!



3. Chicken Wings (3 flavors)
Golden BBQ, Icky Sticky & Spicy. The Golden BBQ was my favorite! It had a hint of sweet tanginess. I love all things BBQ so this was a hit. The Icky Sticky had a sweet flavor. It was pretty similar to the Golden BBQ. The Spicy was too much for me! I had 2 and I had to have a glass of water to chill myself down, haha!


That’s Ashley! img_0571

4. Onion Rings
I’m not a big fan of onions because I don’t like the smell of them when they’re freshly cut or raw. This was good though! The crisp coating was delish!


5. Hand Cut French Fries w/ Miso Mustard
I was addicted but I love fries in general. These are like shoestring fries, thin! However, they’re seasoned to perfection but (a little) greasy.


That’s me, hi!img_0605

6. Birdie’s Original Fried Chicken – Cole slaw, house pickles, cheddar w/ brioche bun.
Oh man, this was good. This is just a small version of Birdies Original Chicken sandwich so I could only imagine how good the bigger normal sized sandwich would taste like. 3x better!! The cole slaw complements well.


7. Flat Iron Steak – Black garlic aioli, fig jam, arugula, gruyere w/ french roll.
I feel like the steak would be better itself. It was a bit chewy so when I bit into it, I got all the meat out the sandwich at once. Don’t get me wrong. It was delicious! The fig jam was a delicious and interesting addition. The Black garlic aioli was so bomb. If I had that recipe I would put it in all my sandwiches!


8. Tempura Fried Tofu – House Kimchi yuzu creme friache, runny quail egg w/ brioche bun.
Featuring my favorite food of the night! This was the first slider that I tried. The tofu was perfection when I bit into it. The coating wasn’t too heavy. The tofu didn’t break easily like some others! The egg was a great addition to the entire slider. Would definitely get this again.


9. Crispy Pork Belly – pickled apricots, sauteed broccoli rabe, roasted garlic aioli, aged provolone w/ french roll.
I’m not a huge fan of pork belly so this didn’t appeal to me much. Looks good though!


Overall, great experience of my first menu tasting! I was so excited when I got invited to this because I always love trying new foods. Although this was not the healthiest food, I would come back! I’m always down for some food fries & sliders 🙂

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