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Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to team up with Cafe Gratitude to help launch their loyalty program! This loyalty program is produced around J GoldCrown and his Bleeding Hearts Wall which is now up at the DTLA location! This program allows you to earn points for free desserts, 1/2 off entrees (upon signing up) & free meals on your birthday!! The card design is on point too. I love it. It’s a bunch of multi colored hearts which matches the wall in the front. Can you say aesthetics on point?? If you haven’t made a visit, you need to! It’s totally worth it 🙂 I’m going to share about my experience and the food below!

I’ve been to Cafe Gratitude multiple times & I’ve always gotten the I Am Whole (Macrobiotic Bowl). It has braised butternut squash, adzuki beans, sea vegetables, sautéed greens, kim chee, garlic tahini and teriyaki almonds. It’s hard for me to order something else because it’s so dang good!! All the flavors complement each other SO FREAKIN well. It definitely proves that vegan food can be good.

At this visit, I ended up getting another bowl. Finally! :’) It took many many “I Am Whole” bowls before I decided to get something else. If only I can do split bowl flavors that would be amazing LOL

We got 1 appetizer, 1 bowl & 1 sandwich.

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1. APPETIZER: I Am Brilliant
This was coconut ceviche! It had a base of chipotle coconut bacon with roasted tomatillo sauce and diced avocado bits on top. It was served with tortilla chips. This is an interesting ceviche but again, Cafe Gratitude nailed it! The “coconut bacon” is toasted coconut flakes so it because the closest to bacon texture as possible. The roasted tomatillo sauce was a great addition to the coconut piece. And obviously, avocado makes every dish better! The tortilla chips were warm AND very crunchy so they were definitely a fresh batch! Love this appetizer. It’s pretty filling so it’s good to share with 2.



That close up!

I Am Brilliant – Coconut Ceviche

2. BOWL: I Am Humble
This Indian curry bowl
was a game changer. It has red lentil dal, spinach, roasted garnet yams, coconut mint chutney & spicy tomato jam. I didn’t taste any spice and trust me, this is coming from someone who can’t tolerate spicy! The roasted yams aren’t SUPER crispy but holds it shape. I really like how they are so thickly cut too! The coconut sauces in this entire bowl OMGAH, got me salivating right now. I need to come back for this bowl, asap.

I Am Humble Bowl – Indian Curry Bowl

3. SANDWICH: I Am Committed
Barbecue Portabello Panini, you were delish. This had spicy coleslaw, mashed avocado, housemade barbecue sauce, shredded romaine, slow-fermented ciabatta & side of roasted garnet yams. My boyfriend ordered this and he enjoyed it but said it was a but mushy for his tastes. However, I really liked it so I finished the other half for him! I love how the bread was very crispy and fresh the entire meal. I hate when bread gets soggy. This bread is also slowly-fermented. How cool is that? The barbecue sauce was perfect, not too sweet. The roasted yams were thickly cut just like in my Indian curry bowl. SO FREAKIN DELISH.

I Am Committed -Barbecue


Overall, all the food is fresh and very nicely plated. I love the interior. It’s very spacious, clean & aesthetically pleasing. I love the vibes I get here. Service is always great & the workers know their menu inside out. Thank you Cafe Gratitude for another great dining experience!

After, I stopped by next door for some coffee. Bulletproof coffee! My coffee had grass-fed butter, coconut oil & collagen protein! SO BOMB.

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Sippin’ on my Collagen Protein Coffee!

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  1. This is so great! I’ve gone to Cafe Gratitude a couple times and always have trouble deciding what to order because everything looks so good. I’ll definitely have to try some of these dishes next time I go.

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