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Creamy Banana Kefir Oatmeal

I love oatmeal because you can get creative with it. Dress it up with toppings, drizzle a variety of nut butters & have fun adding new flavors into the oatmeal itself. SO MANY FLAVORS to be tried, so little time.

What is kefir?
Kefir and yogurt are similar in many ways but what sets them apart is how they are made, the bacteria present and their consistency. Kefir is a cultured creamy “drinkable yogurt”. The bacteria in kefir acts as friendly “probiotic” bacteria – in addition to yeasts. Kefir is tart – describe as a cross between buttermilk and yogurt. Yogurt contains bacteria that keep the digestive tract clean and provides food for good bacteria, also known as a ‘”probiotic”. Yogurt is eaten with a spoon, but kefir is drinkable! Overall, both are great sources of probiotics! In the end, it’s your choice on your flavor and consistency preference.

Topped with kefir, fruit & almond butter!

Many of you commented on my Instagram post saying you haven’t tried passionfruit?? Haha it’s okay, I haven’t tried it until…6 months ago? I didn’t even know what it looked like until then!

The skin is like a darkish brown. When you cut it open, it looks like the picture below. There’s a cottony white peel. The interior is filled with edible green and black jelly seeds. The pulp is very aromatic – with a tropical tart but sweet flavor. It’s almost like a mixture of fruit flavors to me. Like papaya, mango, citrus and guava! I definitely recommend you to give this delicious fruit a try 🙂

10/10 would recommend passionfruit.


Gettin’ ALL up in that creaminess. YES. IMG_6428.JPG



  1. On the stovetop, cook together oatmeal and 1/2 cup kefir. When oatmeal thickens up, add in 1 mashed banana and honey.
  2. Place in a bowl, add sliced bananas, passionfruit, pomegranates and pour other 1/2 cup kefir over oatmeal.
  3. Drizzle it real good with almond butter! The more the better. Yes, let it drown with almond butter.

Okay, seriously! I never have my oatmeal bowls without some nut or seed butter – if I forget it, something doesn’t feel right. My morning feels off. I feel lost.

Jk, jokes aside. I never run low on stock . I always have at least 5 jars of different flavors at home. I’m not lying! Depletion =  when I have 2-3 jars. Yes, that’s considered low.

Anyways, I’m so so thankful for all of you! I’m so thankful for opportunities for me to be who I am. I’m grateful for Instagram and this blog being a platform to express myself and share what I love. God is so good! I don’t ever want to take this for granted because I don’t deserve any of this. I’m still amazed at how it’s created so many friendships. Everything has definitely challenged me in ways I’ve never imagined!


<3 Winnie

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