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SaladPower – Fruit & Veggie Juices

Recently, I discovered SaladPower – pure fruit and vegetable juices. They’re mainly veggie packed – which I love! This company was started by two NYC high school friends who wanted to put veggies first in premium juices.

I’m not someone who enjoys drinking their calories because I’d rather consume whole foods. However, when I tried these juices – I actually wanted more. I liked how I can taste many of the the vegetables in the juice. Definitely a fan!

SaladPower juices has their Veggie Blend as the first ingredient. It consists of Kale, Celery, Carrot, Cucumber, Green Bell Pepper, Tomato & Spinach. Many “green juices” are actually mainly fruit with just a hint of a green vegetable to make it green, which can be misleading.

There are days I’m swamped with work and need to be out the house without time to cook or prepare many foods. These juices don’t replace my fruit and vegetable intake – it complements my diet! These juices are a great healthy beverage to grab and go!

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4 delicious flavors!
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No sugar added. Gluten Free. Paleo. Vegan.

1. Veggies + Mango
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This one is my favorite flavor out of all 4! Don’t get me wrong, they’re all good – I’m just a huge fan of mango so this flavor stood out. It smells like tomato with a hint of sweetness. It has a strong mango and tomato taste! I don’t like celery and I always taste celery if it’s in juices. However, this juice proved me wrong! All the flavors work together so dang well! The sweetness level is perfect. Not overly sweet and you can still taste the veggies.

2. Just Veggies
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This flavor is the least sweet because there isn’t any fruit added in. It’s still delicious though! It’s way better than V8 in my opinion. V8 tends to be very thick and hard to chug down for me. This one is smooth and a much thinner liquid. I like it, a lot! It’s only 50 calories per bottle and 7 grams of natural sugar.

3. Veggies+ Pineapple 
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The taste of celery and cucumber are more apparent here. The tomato isn’t as strong as the other 3 juices. You definitely taste a hint of the pineapple but it’s not too strong. In my opinion, it’s not as sweet as the apple or mango one!

4. Veggies + AppleProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

This tastes similar to apple juice! It reminds me of my apple juice pouches when I was a kid – but upgraded with added veggies. I really like the taste of tomato so adding these two foods together is an interesting twist, which I’m totally a fan of!

My Overall Opinion

Pros: Tastes fresh, convenient on busy days, no sugar added, almost 3 servings of veggies in 1 bottle, I can actually taste the vegetables in the juice.
Cons: Whole fruits/veggies contain more fiber, not for you if you don’t like tomatoes.

This is a juice I would have on hand. This is not a meal replacement! I love eating my fruits and vegetables whole – because that’s the best way to get your nutrients. These juices are a great way to complement your meals or to include in your snacks. Throw one in your bag on your way to school or work. That way, you won’t be tempted to buy that soda or highly-processed sugary juice or granola bar at the convenience store when your mid-day hungry strikes!

I believe in a total diet approach. The overall pattern of your food intake is the most important aspect of healthy eating. 

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