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Fruits & Veggies I Always Buy

What are some staple food items I always have in stock at home? There are so many – I can make a gigantic list here but I’m focusing this post on fresh fruits and veggies I always have in stock at home! It’s so important to have a balanced diet – which include a variety of different fruits and veggies!

First of all, food groups consists of grains, vegetables, fruit, dairy and protein. Each of these groups contain essential vitamins and minerals that are essential to staying healthy and proper growth. Certain foods are grouped together because they provide similar amounts of key nutrients compared to one another. However, it’s still important to eat a variety from each specific group!

I spent some time yesterday afternoon checking out the Pasadena Certified Farmers Market. They’re opened Tuesdays at Villa Parke Center (8:30am-12:30pm) and Saturdays at Victory Park (8:30-12:30pm). On Tuesdays, there are less vendors (about 13) since it’s at a less popular time. On Saturdays, they can have up to 40 vendors ranging from locally grown produce, jams, jellies to baked sweets and homemade breads.


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I love farmers markets because:
1. There’s fresh and tasty produce.
The fruits are ripened properly and then brought to the market to be sold. No long-distance shipping or sitting in storage rooms to be imported. I love the fresh off the farm method!

2. They always have food in season.
The food is always seasonal – always reflecting the true flavors. That’s why the fruits I buy at farmer markets always taste so sweet and refreshing! For example, pumpkin in the fall, berries in the summer and asparagus in the spring.

3. I get to support local family farmers.
I want to support local family farmers! Small family farms have a difficult time competing in the food marketplace. Buying directly from farmers gives them a better return of their produce!

4. I understand where my food comes from.
I get to meet the people behind the farm and learn about where and how their food is produced!

5. It’s fun to just walk around and see what farmers are selling!
I love seeing what new items are in season. I love test-tasting foods some farmers provide. Walking around with my grocery bag and looking at all the foods make me happy! Tbh, take me on a date here and I will love you!! Also, sometimes you’ll find food items you can never find in a grocery store! I love checking out the baked cookies, cakes and bread stands!

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Figs – I’ve been loving figs recently!! I add it to my oatmeal, toast, pancakes, etc. I’m trying to eat as much as I can before they go out of season.
Bananas – If you haven’t noticed by now… this is one of my all time favorite fruits. Why? It’s a quick fruit to eat without washing/cutting and you can make banana bread with it. & it’s like a “natural sweetener” when you mash it into pancakes/oatmeal. Winner!
Nectarines – I like the vibrant orange color of this fruit! Eat more natural color 🙂
Apples – These are a staple for sure! I like packing it as a snack in my bag because it’s not as fragile as berries or bananas.
Strawberries – I love strawberries especially at it’s peak harvest season (May-August). The summer months bring on the delicious and juicy strawberries!
Blueberries – This is a staple all year round unless they get TOO expensive. I like to freeze them and top my oatmeal off with frozen blueberries!
Raspberries – I like to mash up raspberries and treat it like a “jam”.
Mango – Dice it up into cubes or cut it into slices. I eat it by itself all the time. So sweet and so good!
Papaya – I use to get this mixed up with mango all the time which I was a kid.
Avocado – Duh, avocado toast.

Spinach – I add chopped spinach into my turkey meatball recipe! I also like to to scramble them into eggs in the morning or just saute them in some minced garlic and olive oil. Spinach is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin K, antioxidants and more!
Sweet Potatoes – This is no doubt a staple in my kitchen! I usually cut them up into the shape of fries & leave it in tupperwares in my fridge until I’m ready to roast them! I’ve also used them in my sweet potato brownie recipe. Which I actually might need to make again asap! They’re so delicious! 
Zucchini – I’ve been obsessed with zoodles recently. It’s so refreshing! I also chop them up and roast it in the oven with some salt, pepper, garlic powder and paprika!
Yellow Summer Squash
Mushrooms – I use to hate mushrooms and the smell of it but now I’m willing to eat them. Now m
Brussel Sprouts – Roast them until you get them REAL crispy! I cut them in halves of fourths – then toss them in coconut oil & bake at 425°F for 20-25 minutes.
Tomatoes – These are most known for it’s antioxidant lycopene. Lycopene protects from oxidative damage by preventing health diseases and protecting your cells!

These are my main fruits and veggies I almost always have at home. I can somewhat be a creature of habit by eating the same foods over and over again but it’s also important to switch it up. Incorporate a variety of fruits and veggies. Find different cooking methods and different ways to flavor your veggies 🙂


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