Top 10 Dessert Spots To Visit In Los Angeles

I have a huge sweet tooth so it’ll be a lie if I said I didn’t like ice cream and donuts. I always love trying new dessert shops but I have my go-to’s that never fail to satisfy!

Here is my current guide to the “Top 10 Dessert Spots To Visit In Los Angeles”!

1. Yoga-urt
All their soft serves are handcrafted in house with a almond cashew base with almond milk.. made from scratch! They also add probiotics – can I get an amen?! Amen.

What I Ordered: Chocolate Bliss + Vanilla Harmony
The chocolate bliss is dutch chocolate, with a hint of bourbon vanilla extract. The vanilla is made with real vanilla beans. I topped with off with shredded coconut too!

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2. Wanderlust Creamery
What I Ordered: Ube Malted Crunch + Japanese Neapolitan
The Ube Malted crunch is sweet purple yams with crunchy malted milk pieces. The Japanese Neapolitan is a trio of japanese classics, matcha, hojicha and black sesame. Both in a waffle cone – and you bet this was enjoyed right after a hike!


3. Pressed Juicery
You already know.. I love this place! The freeze is made from clean ingredients; just fruits, nuts and dates! I always get the chocolate, vanilla or matcha!

What I Ordered: Chocolate Freeze with strawberries, blueberries + cacao drizzle.


4. Rawberri
First of all, the interior is beautiful! I love the wallpaper and the hanging chairs. It’s such a cute place. They have a coconut based soft-serve, acai bowls, superfood baked goods, coffee/drinks, vitality shots, and toasts.

What I Ordered: Plain Original Coco-Whip
Cocowhip is a non-dairy frozen yogurt made with coconut milk. It’s loaded with bio-fermented freeze-dried coconut which provides over 10 cups of yogurt in probiotics. If you’re ever in the area, you need to try this! I live about an hour away but if I’m somewhat close, I always stop by.

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5. Milk Jar Cookies
Now onto the baked goods.

What I Ordered: I’ve tried almost all the cookie flavors here. My top 3 has to be chocolate chip walnut, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and white chocolate macadamia. I think you see the pattern.. I love chocolate! I also enjoy texture and crunch, aka nuts and chocolate in my cookies. The cookies here might be a bit pricey but it’s definitely worth the try. I taste the quality of the ingredients. The cookies are also pretty thick so you get what you paid far! Additionally, they serve milk, ice cream and donuts. However, if you love cookies… this is a must try!

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6. Fonuts
The mini donuts sell out quickly so come in the morning to get them first! If you love cakey donuts, this is the place to go. It’s not like the typically doughy donut texture. I like the unique flavors here!

What I Ordered (Left to Right): Chocolate, olive oil, chocolate banana, strawberry buttermilk. My favorite one was the banana chocolate because it had actual pieces of banana and chocolate inside. I warmed it up for breakfast the next morning & with a cup of coffee.. it was delicious! The olive oil was interesting, it was a bit herby. If you like fruity and strawberry flavors, I highly recommend the strawberry buttermilk.

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7. Sidecar Doughnuts
One of my favorite donut places! Not because of the hype but because I genuinely like the flavors and taste.

What I Ordered: Oregon huckleberry cake doughnut with huckleberry glaze. I got this because I was interested in what huckleberry was. It was sweet with a hint of tart – unique and definitely worth trying! They also sell stumptown coffee cold brew here! Donuts and coffee for breakfast? You got it.

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8. Amara
I stumbled upon this place when I was at a nearby coffee shop one day. First of all, I love churro. Secondly, I love all things cinnamon and chocolate. This place had it all!

What I Ordered: Spanish style churros with 61% dark chocolate dip. The churros are egg free, dairy free – so they’re vegan. They’re made to order so it’s fresh and hot!

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9. Backyard Bowls
I’ve been waiting for this location to open in Los Angeles! They opened in Downtown LA recently and

What I Ordered: Dragon Bowl – pitaya, banana, mango, coconut milk base, topped with granola, banana, kiwi, coconut shavings, vanilla yogurt and honey. This is a big portion and definitely fills you up. It’s a great post-workout breakfast! I personally prefer a pitaya base over acai. I’m picky about my bowls because I don’t like it too thick or too runny. They nailed it over here – you taste the pitaya and it’s not overloaded by all the other mix-ins.

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10. Van Leeuwen
Finishing up one of my top 10 with a ice cream shop! There are 3 locations in LA – Arts District, Franklin Village and Culver City! I’ve only been to the Arts District and Culver City locations. They’re both located near great food joints so this is the perfect dessert to grab afterwards.

What I Ordered: Chocolate caramel. Yes, I love my chocolate 🙂 This was vegan but I couldn’t even tell! It has a coconut and cashew base so that’s what created the creamy texture! The flavors here rotate often because they have many seasonal flavors. They have a good variety of flavors so you’re bound to find one you like!

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Thanks for reading my guide! I hope you find it useful & take a visit to my current top 10 dessert spots in LA sometime! 🙂

<3 Winnie

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