Recap: Expo West 2018

It’s been a week since I got back from Expo West. Sorry for the late recap! After coming back home from the weekend, I had to get back into work mode and prepare for my interview. I interviewed for my top choice (for dietetic internships) and it went really well! There were moments where I didn’t do my best – but hey, we don’t perfectly do well in every interview right?

Well, going on to my recap of Expo West. This was my second year coming back! Last year, I met so many food bloggers and future RDs coming here. It’s so much fun connecting with other foodies, bonding over good food & getting to know one another more intentionally.

It’s crazy how social media has built so many good and close friendships. I can honestly say without this insta community, I wouldn’t have been so passionate to become an Registered Dietitian. When the going gets tough, I remind myself of WHY I started and how I stay motivated! Whenever I think about it, I still get so shocked and I’m so thankful for everything I never expected. There has been so many opportunities to work with my favorite food brands and companies!

Expo West was Thursday-Sunday but I only went on Saturday. Last year, I went all 4 days and I was so exhausted… yes, I learned.

OnFriday night, I had dinner at Sage Cafe with some food bloggers. I got jackfruit tacos to share as an appetizer. Look below! It had pickled carrots, radish, cauliflower, jalapeños, guac, pico de gallo & some cashew cream all over a bed of nachos. I also had a california avocado tempeh burger (which I failed to take a picture of) – it was amazing and the best veggie burger I’ve ever had so far!!

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Post-dinner! Group pic!

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Good morning & Happy Saturday! Connie had to teach at Cal State LA so I met up with Alayna & JJ on campus first. We stopped by Zinc Cafe to get a quick breakfast. I got a fruit and cream Mmesli (I need to get better at taking more photos of my food when I eat out.. i promise!).

I was thinking of doing more blog posts on day recaps on the food I ate for the day or things I do!


We arrived! Here’s a picture of us before going into the craziness of Expo! I actually legit got tired after 2 hours. My favorite part is really just hanging out with these people & stopping by to support the brands I love!

Since many companies and brands aren’t local to me, it’s great being to meet the faces behind them! It just makes me support them that much more.

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I tried not to sample so much but that didn’t work out. Haha, I had so much ice cream! After several hours in the convention center we came out to get the Falasophy food truck! I got a bowl w/ falafel, picked radish, tomato cucumber mix, jalapeños, hummus, guac & tahini. I love falafel. Nothing like a nutritious and filling meal after walking around all morning!

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After eating lunch, I went back into Expo & met up with some friends I had my biochemistry class with last summer! They’re currently at Cal State LA doing their masters – I’m sad I’m not joining them because I’m planning to take the dietetic internship route first. But I’m happy I still keep in touch with them!

Later at night, a group of us went to Anaheim Packing District and got dinner! The same night, a group of us spent the night at an airbnb in LA!

Obviously, we all knocked out hard after a long day.


The next morning, I had church so I got picked up by Jovin! We got donuts at sidecar – I got a huckleberry donut & he got a vanilla old-fashioned donut.


Overall, this weekend was filled with building stronger friendships, motivation, good food & great company! I appreciate food expos like this that bring all of us together – that’s really the BEST part. I already can’t wait to see what’s in store for all of us!!

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