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Weekend Recap 1: Allowing Spontaneous Food Choices

During the weekdays, I prepare foods ahead of time because of work. I don’t have much time to cook when I’m hungry. These meals are more structured because I’m busy and on-the-go.

However, my weekends are filled with spontaneous food choices. I may make plans to grab brunch with a friend, but the rest is up in the air. I don’t plan out all my meals. I don’t focus and think about what I’m going to eat every meal for the weekend. I focus on cherishing quality time I get with those I don’t always see during the week! Of course, we spend time over a good meal but if we get ice cream after, I’m always down for it.

Learning how to be more spontaneous & not focus so much on structuring my meals has taught me how to eat more intuitively. It’s taught me to listen to my body, discover my satisfaction factor & enjoy experiences with all the foods I eat!

Saturday morning started with this smoked salmon sandwich on bavarian rye bread. Yes, drippy yolks are my favorite! It has smoked salmon from whole foods, creamy mozzarella cheese, mashed avocado, fried egg, sesame seeds and red pepper flakes. This is a classic combo that never fails to satisfy my savory breakfast cravings.

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After breakfast, I headed over to the Pasadena Farmers Market! The last time I came here was actually 4 years ago for my Nutrition class in undergrad. I came for an extra credit assignment to observe foods in season & the different products the booths had. This time, I grabbed a bunch of fresh produce, hummus, breads and pita!!! Don’t you worry, I will be back.

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1 loaf for $5 or 3 for $11? You bet I got 3 because I needed to take advantage of those #savings and #deals. I got cinnamon raisin, banana pecan brunch bread and 9-grain sourdough.

farmers market 3

Walking several stands down, I found some pita and hummus! I tried a handful of hummus flavors but my top favorite was roasted red pepper. I also got the sundried tomato & kale and almond hummus. The garlic pita chips were freshly friend. They tasted perfect with the different hummus flavors.

Embrace that garlic breath.

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Of course, I don’t go by without sampling. These cara cara oranges were SO sweet! I bought a 4 lb bag for $10. I had about 5 wedges of samples… oh y’know just soliciting around the oranges.

After the farmers market, I had work so I had dinner there. I work at a eating disorder treatment center so I’m required to cook and eat with my patients every shift. I had macaroni and cheese, garlic bread and salad. I had no picture, sorry!

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The next day I planned to have the banana pecan brunch bread for breakfast!! I had to try the bread. I topped it with maple pecan almond butter and the combo was FIRE. Fire as in lit!! I topped it with sliced bananas, strawberries, cacao nibs, hemp seeds and bee pollen.

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I had church in the morning, some church event planning & then I went on a mini food adventure/photo date with Jovin!

I don’t get to see Jovin much unless it’s the weekend. We don’t live too close to one another & our work schedules are literally OPPOSITE. When he gets off work, I’m heading to work. So I truly value all the time we do get to spend together!

We first went to Sasquatch Coffee in Hancock Park. They have a really cute interior that I see people take photos of all the time. Haha, I’m thankful for my instagram boyfriend that’s willing to take photos for me!

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I planned to come to Sasquatch after church for coffee!

We each got an americano. Jovin got the one on the bottom (straight black coffee) & I got mine with a splash of almond milk. Sadly, they ran out of oat milk otherwise I would’ve gotten that. We also got a slice of a vegan spiced tea cake. I enjoyed the strong nutmeg and cinnamon taste!

The coffee was planned but the cake loaf wasn’t. I made the decision after seeing everything in the pastry case. I could’ve ate the apple I had in my bag as a snack but I went for this spiced cake loaf because my cravings told me so.

Spontanous snack choices! Today’s was spiced cake loaf > apple.

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Next stop, fonuts! This place is on 3rd street and close to the Grove in Beverly. They make vegan/gluten free donuts and regular donuts as well. They bake all their donuts so it’s a dense cake-like texture.

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If you grab them too strongly… they might crumble and break in half because that’s what happened to me. That’s also what happens when you get too excited to eat a hazelnut chocolate donut.

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For happy hour (anytime after 3), all the fonuts are BOGO. We got blueberry earl grey, strawberry buttermilk, hazelnut chocolate and vanilla latte.

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That snapchat quality though!

I’m so thankful for adventures with this guy! I love our time together and exploring new food spots. He’s been so patient with me in the past months. Through summer school, the GRE and my dietetic internship applications … it’s pushed me to my maximum capacity on top of work and Instagram.

He’s so loving & I’m so grateful for God placing him in my life!! You’re kinda the best, almost. Love ya!

fonuts 10

Here’s me, enjoying a fonut! Enjoying a fonut that I didn’t plan to have ahead of time. It’s the spontaneous food decisions that bring me here. The spontaneous food decisions that allow me to pick food choices that I don’t plan ahead of time. These decisions allows me to focus more on the time I value with people.

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Overall, this weekend was a lot of fun. It consisted of foods I didn’t plan to eat ahead of time. I go into my weekends wanting to spend time with people – and whatever goes, goes!

Don’t let the thought of what food you’ll consume ruin your time with friends, family or even when you’re traveling. Let yourself enjoy your experiences because this is when you have the chance to eat foods you don’t normally make at home. Allow flexibility on your food choices not only on the weekends but also the weekdays!!

Enjoy the food you get to eat. Make choices that satisfy your hunger and cravings. Eat intuitively. Enjoy the spontaneous food decisions you get to make because those really make for some great memories!! If you stumble upon a ice cream or donut shop after lunch, I’d say go for it if you’re truly craving it.

This was a weekend well spent.

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