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Matched! Fast forward. I’m Starting My Dietetic Internship.

4 months ago on April 8th, I got matched to a dietetic internship. Moments before I took my first glance at the “matching results” link on DnD Digital… I was flushed with an accumulation of emotions – anxious, terrified, doubtful, hopeful, excited, etc.

On match day, I had Jovin check for me. I gave him my laptop and refused to click on the link myself. I thought… what if I didn’t get matched? I put in so many hours and sleepless nights to finish and polish up these apps. What if it wasn’t worth it? What will I do? I’ll have to go through this entire process again. I knew the percentages of match rates and they weren’t high. I knew multiple people who applied 2, 3 or even 4 times before getting matched. It’s SO competitive.

Well, look at this! Sorry, I took it with my phone so it doesn’t look too great. I got matched… and I remember just sitting there and internally screamed. I wanted to cry. I felt a BIG weight lift off my shoulders. My hard efforts and time led to this outcome and I was so proud. I couldn’t believe this day was here & these are my matching results.

I immediately drafted up an email to send to the Program Director to more than GLADLY accept the internship match! Omg!


Apps were due on Feb 15 and I started them the middle of December. What a bad time because it was Christmas and New Years. Well, I didn’t get much done.. surprise! Haha, I technically didn’t really “start” on my applications until after new years. One of the best sources was Jovin – he helped me edit my personal statement about 5-6 times. I honestly think without some of his criticism, honest remarks and changes in my personal statement, it wouldn’t have been as polished as it was in the end.

Also, I used All Access Internships which helped me SO MUCH. At first I thought, “Why would I pay a random site to read my personal statement resume? I could just have people I know read it.” Well, I was SO glad I make the decision to purchase a personal statement, resume and 30 minute coaching call package. It helped me in large amounts. The registered dietitians who read your applications reach hundreds of students who are also applying. They are able to help you make EVERY corner of your application stand out. They have a very high percentage rate of match rates for students who buy their packages.

Let me tell you though, it was NOT a simple process to go through. College undergrad apps did not compare to dietetic internship applications on DICAS. I sacrificed hours of sleep, learned discipline, time management and how I work under stress. I was working at a eating disorder treatment center and around the time I started my applications, I began training new workers, took on more responsibilities and worked more closely with the RD at work. On top of that, I had instagram, my blog, my social life, my spiritual life.

I submitted my apps on Feb 15 and got my first interview call at the end of February (with Cal Poly Pomona – the one I actually got matched to). I got two other ones as well – VA West LA and VA San Diego. The San Diego interview was on the phone, which didn’t turn out as well as expected. I wasn’t prepared for a PES statement, case study question on the phone which was my fault. My second interview was with Cal Poly Pomona. It was with a panel of 10 interviewers who went in circles to ask me two questions each… one of the most intimidating experiences in my life. However, I was PREPARED. This was the internship I was most interested in. I researched, studied and prepared myself well for all the questions I would possibly be asked. My last interview was with the VA West LA which was a panel of 4 people. Definitely not as intimidating. After my interviews, I reranked my programs about 1-2 weeks before match day. Well, then it was the waiting game!

It’s crazy how this all happened and now.. I’m here. Legit, it was an emotional roller coaster. Now I’m about to start my dietetic internship. It was all so worth it. It taught me so much about myself and what hard work and persistence truly is. There was a time where I doubted the decision to apply for a dietetic internship this round.ย  In fact, I wasn’t going to apply for Spring matching. I didn’t feel ready. I felt like I needed to work for another year to “feel ready”.

Well, I’ve learned that you’ll never feel “ready”. You just need to take the leap for it. You definitely need some experience but in the end, it’s really all about your drive, passion and efforts to reach for what you dream of.

After getting matched and going through the 5 days of orientation, I stand before my preceptor on my first day, but I STILL don’t feel ready. Well, that’s the purpose of this internship right? I’ll make mistakes and I’ll learn. I’ll get exposed to experiences I won’t get elsewhere. I will have conversations with people that was difficult, unique and transformational. Overall, I’m EXCITED. Although my emotions fluctuate between excitement and feeling terrified, I am ready to see where God will lead me as I enter the first day of the next 10 months.

I have my entire schedule for the next 10 months which is nice. I’ll be driving ALL over town. Doing food service management, public health, community college, clinicals, diabetes counseling, eating disorders, pediatrics, etc.

There are so many things to look forward to! Let’s get it!

I plan to write up a blog post on tips on getting matched to a dietetic internship SOON!ย 


I’m more proud of this badge than my college diploma.

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  1. Hi Winnie! I am currently playing the waiting game for Dietetic Internship interviews. I actually applied to some of the programs you applied to, so I was wondering if you could fill me in as to some general questions these programs focus on. Thank you!!

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