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My Favorite Post-Workout Nut/Seed Butter Snack

  After an intense workout, I think about what I’ll be eating once I get home! I’m hungry & my body needs the fuel to keep me going. I make sure I get complex carbs, protein & healthy fats in each meal to keep a healthy balanced diet. Carbs are needed to help restore my glycogen stores… Continue reading My Favorite Post-Workout Nut/Seed Butter Snack

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Food Diary – What I Ate Today 2/24

Today’s Workout:  BBG: 1. Week 19 Legs – THOSE DOUBLE PULSE BARBELL SQUATS THOUGH. I was dying!! Good dying. I wanted to save some travel time so I did it at home today. I didn’t have a 30 pound barbell so I just held 15 pounds on each hand to put on my shoulders during my squats. Blogilates:… Continue reading Food Diary – What I Ate Today 2/24

Food Diary

Food Diary – What I Ate Today 2/3

I recently posted a picture on my Instagram with all the meals I had for the day. I’m going to break it down more into more details. Calories, Carbs, Fat, Protein Recipes/Cooking Instructions Hopefully this will help you out & inspire you with some new meal ideas! Everyday, I have 3 main meals & also… Continue reading Food Diary – What I Ate Today 2/3

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What’s in my grocery bag?

I love going grocery shopping. It’s fun looking at products & looking for new foods to try. You can leave me in a grocery market for hours & I won’t get bored. I get intrigued by food products & ingredient labels. Fresh foods, packaged foods, frozen items, all foods interest me. I’ve learned a lot about nutrition labels & what certain… Continue reading What’s in my grocery bag?

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April 7 – Food Dairy & Workout

I would say I’ve been eating healthy even before Kayla’s workout plan, so eating healthy now isn’t too hard. I fatigue slower during workouts & feel more awake throughout the day when I feed myself appropriate foods. Today I finished week 4 legs & cardio. I think at this point, I would not be able to give up,… Continue reading April 7 – Food Dairy & Workout