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Shredded BBQ Chicken + Guacamole Burger

Time has seriously flown by. Just like that, March is almost over! Isn’t that crazy?! Some days, I forget that it’s 2018… The spring season reminds me of bright-colored foods, green salads and barbecue flavors. Growing up, having barbecues in the spring was a thing at my house! The cool outdoor breeze, warm weather and… Continue reading Shredded BBQ Chicken + Guacamole Burger

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Gluten-Free Turmeric Turkey Veggie Meatballs

I love meatballs! It’s hard to find a meatball recipe without breadcrumbs. First of all, those two ingredients are used as a binder so the meatball doesn’t fall apart and can actually form a ball. I finally perfected this recipe and the main binder here is an egg and some nut cheese! I’ve been making… Continue reading Gluten-Free Turmeric Turkey Veggie Meatballs

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Chicken Avocado Cheese-Free Quesadillas

I’ve been on a taco and quesadilla kick so I had to whip these up! I had a bunch of avocados sitting on my counter waiting for me to use them.. so this recipe was born! Keep scrolling for this super duper easy recipe ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m lactose intolerant so I can only have a minimal… Continue reading Chicken Avocado Cheese-Free Quesadillas