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Baked Hawaiian Roll Pizza Sliders

Switch up your typical pizza crust and make it on Hawaiian Rolls like I did! Seriously though, these sliders are so good you will want to go back for seconds. This is also such an easy recipe you can prepare on any busy afternoon or weeknight. If you like soft hawaiian buns and melty cheese..… Continue reading Baked Hawaiian Roll Pizza Sliders

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Cranberry Walnut Tuna Toasts

This tuna sandwich recipe is a mixture of savory, crunchy, sweet and creamy. It’s so easy and delicious, you will be coming back for seconds! Growing up, my mom would steam or bake salmon or white fish. Sometimes, she would stir fry them into vegetable dishes. Honey walnut shrimp, scallops w/ veggies and steamed tilapia.… Continue reading Cranberry Walnut Tuna Toasts


Easy and Healthy Tuna Sandwich

Recently, I’ve been on a sandwich kick! Smoked salmon, tuna and sliced turkey have been my go-to’s for proteins. I’ve been adding sliced cheese, avocado or mustard as the spreads. I also add some baby spinach for some added veggies. It’s always so satisfying! Crusty artisan bread is one of my favorites breads to use… Continue reading Easy and Healthy Tuna Sandwich

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My Favorite Post-Workout Nut/Seed Butter Snack

  After an intense workout, I think about what I’ll be eating once I get home! I’m hungry & my body needs the fuel to keep me going. I make sure I get complex carbs, protein & healthy fats in each meal to keep a healthy balanced diet. Carbs are needed to help restore my glycogen stores… Continue reading My Favorite Post-Workout Nut/Seed Butter Snack