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Baked Hawaiian Roll Pizza Sliders

Switch up your typical pizza crust and make it on Hawaiian Rolls like I did! Seriously though, these sliders are so good you will want to go back for seconds. This is also such an easy recipe you can prepare on any busy afternoon or weeknight. If you like soft hawaiian buns and melty cheese..… Continue reading Baked Hawaiian Roll Pizza Sliders

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Baked Marinara Eggplant Boats

Eggplants comes in different shapes and sizes. There’s global and Japanese eggplants. Japanese eggplants have a thinner skin and are less bitter. I used a Japanese eggplant for this recipe because they also have less seeds and a more subtle taste to me. I’ve tried roasting eggplant but it’s challenging to get it perfectly right.… Continue reading Baked Marinara Eggplant Boats

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Gluten-Free Turmeric Turkey Veggie Meatballs

I love meatballs! It’s hard to find a meatball recipe without breadcrumbs. First of all, those two ingredients are used as a binder so the meatball doesn’t fall apart and can actually form a ball. I finally perfected this recipe and the main binder here is an egg and some nut cheese! I’ve been making… Continue reading Gluten-Free Turmeric Turkey Veggie Meatballs