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Quinoa, Egg & Cheese Cups

I love egg muffins. It’s easy to substitute ingredients in & out according to my preferences. They’re convenient, delicious and I can get creative with it! This is such an easy recipe. You put all the ingredients into 1 bowl, mix it up & bake. I love recipes like this!! Sometimes I just don’t have the time or don’t want… Continue reading Quinoa, Egg & Cheese Cups

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Easy Tender Turkey Meatloaf

Last week I made Turkey Spinach Meatloaf Cups. This week, I made turkey meatloaf in a loaf pan! It’s a different recipe though. I wanted to create a very juicy & tender recipe so I made some ingredient swaps. This recipe I used: Breadcrumbs instead of oat flour. Diced veggies + spinach instead of just spinach. Chunky salsa as a flavor… Continue reading Easy Tender Turkey Meatloaf

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Turkey Spinach Meatloaf Cups

I love my little muffin tray. I also like bite-sized food because it’s cuter! Also, I can eat 2-3 of them and it’ll be the amount of 1 normal sized? Makes me feel a bit better :’) I wanted to make a more protein-based snack so I decided on Turkey Meatloaf Muffins! ANOTHER SIMPLE RECIPE!!! The other day,… Continue reading Turkey Spinach Meatloaf Cups

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Whole Grain Lavash Chicken Flatbread Wraps – 7 ingredients 

Today I did 28 minutes of abs & ran 1 mile. I wasn’t going to run that mile because you shouldn’t do cardio & resistance during the same workout session. Do it separately (morning cardio, night resistance) to maximize results. Anyways, here’s my dinner! I was just looking around my house to find ingredients I… Continue reading Whole Grain Lavash Chicken Flatbread Wraps – 7 ingredients