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Sautéed Banana + Pomegranate Toasts

Happy thanksgiving weekend! I hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating with friends and family 🙂 I hope you enjoyed all that delicious stuffing, mashed potatoes, turkey and all the other foods you had! Toast is an all year round thing. It’s not seasonal, it’s all seasons. Right? Please tell me I’m right because I’ve… Continue reading Sautéed Banana + Pomegranate Toasts

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Smoked Salmon & Egg White Scramble On Toast

I didn’t really know what I was doing when I was making this plate. I was craving eggs, smoked salmon and bread… so this combo was created! I usually like to add baby spinach into my eggs but I ran out – so I replaced it with some grape tomatoes and parsley. After cooking the… Continue reading Smoked Salmon & Egg White Scramble On Toast