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Cauliflower “Fried Rice” w/ Tamari Tempeh

I was skeptical when I heard using cauliflower for rice was a good replacement. I thought, “NAAH, don’t wanna try” because it wouldn’t taste good. Why not just use rice?? Well, I was wrong! I mean, it’s definitely not the same mouthfeel, texture or taste but it can still be made into a healthy low-carb dish! I’ve been using riced… Continue reading Cauliflower “Fried Rice” w/ Tamari Tempeh

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Easy Tender Turkey Meatloaf

Last week I made Turkey Spinach Meatloaf Cups. This week, I made turkey meatloaf in a loaf pan! It’s a different recipe though. I wanted to create a very juicy & tender recipe so I made some ingredient swaps. This recipe I used: Breadcrumbs instead of oat flour. Diced veggies + spinach instead of just spinach. Chunky salsa as a flavor… Continue reading Easy Tender Turkey Meatloaf

Food Diary

Food Diary – What I Ate Today 2/24

Today’s Workout:  BBG: 1. Week 19 Legs – THOSE DOUBLE PULSE BARBELL SQUATS THOUGH. I was dying!! Good dying. I wanted to save some travel time so I did it at home today. I didn’t have a 30 pound barbell so I just held 15 pounds on each hand to put on my shoulders during my squats. Blogilates:… Continue reading Food Diary – What I Ate Today 2/24