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Very Berry Probiotic Energy Bites

I’ve been on a energy ball craze. They’re simple to make. Also, it’s easy to pack nutrients into these little bites. It’s the perfect snack to hold me over during my morning workouts. I have them almost daily as a snack too! I use oat flour, which I ground up in my own blender using… Continue reading Very Berry Probiotic Energy Bites

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Chocolate Cashew Butter Cereal Bars

Did you ever have those packaged cereal bars as a kid? I still remember my favorite ones were the honey nut cheerios and cinnamon toast crunch bars! But the golden grahams, that was my GO TO!! I remember buying a large boxes from Costco and having them as breakfasts/snacks when I was a kid. Well,… Continue reading Chocolate Cashew Butter Cereal Bars


Overall View Of My Diet – Before My Fitness Journey, During & Now

First of all, what is a diet? A diet is the kind of food and beverages you habitually consume. My diet consists of a variety of foods. Grains, fruits, vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats. It even consists of brownies, cookies, cakes and fried foods. Yes, all that “unhealthy” food, it’s part of my diet… Continue reading Overall View Of My Diet – Before My Fitness Journey, During & Now

Breads/Muffins/Cakes · Snacks

Coconut Flour Muffins w/ Matcha Frosting

I love all things matcha. Tea, lattes, cakes, breads, soft serve, ETC. Give it ALL to me! When Aiya sent me some matcha powder to try out, I was SO excited!! I’ve made lattes, muffins & frosting with the powder. More recipes are in the making :’) Matcha powder also has many health benefits! Benefits: Matcha… Continue reading Coconut Flour Muffins w/ Matcha Frosting

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Quinoa, Egg & Cheese Cups

I love egg muffins. It’s easy to substitute ingredients in & out according to my preferences. They’re convenient, delicious and I can get creative with it! This is such an easy recipe. You put all the ingredients into 1 bowl, mix it up & bake. I love recipes like this!! Sometimes I just don’t have the time or don’t want… Continue reading Quinoa, Egg & Cheese Cups

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Turkey Spinach Meatloaf Cups

I love my little muffin tray. I also like bite-sized food because it’s cuter! Also, I can eat 2-3 of them and it’ll be the amount of 1 normal sized? Makes me feel a bit better :’) I wanted to make a more protein-based snack so I decided on Turkey Meatloaf Muffins! ANOTHER SIMPLE RECIPE!!! The other day,… Continue reading Turkey Spinach Meatloaf Cups